Hospital isolation rooms…The health and safety of hospital isolation room patients and care givers is insured with Envirotrak IV multiple protocol controllers – with their rapid scan rates and high accuracy. For product efficacy and worker safety, many pharmaceutical formulations must be processed under rigidly controlled environmental conditions – precisely those that Envirotrak IV controllers are designed to manage and maintain Rapid growth in biotechnology and bioscience research during the past few years has created a virtual construction boom in biosafety level (BSL) laboratories. BSL-3 and -4 laboratories in particular require highest possible control and management of their environments for obvious reasons, a task well suited to the LCS Envirotrak IV as well as our expertise and experience in developing environmental control systems for these applications. LCS capabilities also include developing equipment and designing/building systems for managing laboratory workstation fume hoods for enhanced safety, performance, costeffectiveness, and compliance with appropriate pollution abatement standards.

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